Poor audio quality can leave an audience hearing nothing more than unintelligible garble. This could mean missing the lyrics to your favorite song at a concert, or taking the power away from a speaker at a rally. The only way to ensure crisp, clear audio at all times, is to hire a professional audio production company. Although it may look easy, there are a lot of pieces to manage in live audio, and a plethora of issues that could arise.  With 15 years in the business, Stagepass Audio Visual Limited knows how to get it done, and how to get it done right.

Full-Service Audio Packages

At Stagepass Audio Visual Limited, our definition of a “full-service” audio package only begins with the equipment. Our packages can include:
    • Audio consoles and speakers
    • Processing and amplification equipment
    • Microphones
    • Monitors
    • Communication systems
    • DJ gear (including turntables and mixers)
All these can be part of an even more ....

Corporate Event Audio

Stagepass Audio Visual Limited is capable of handling very production-heavy situations in venues of any size. So when you’re shooting for the stars to impress a captive audience, we’ll be right by your side to guarantee every sound is heard crisply and clearly.
Our full-service corporate event audio packages can include coordination, engineers and technicians who understand the huge importance ....

Fashion Audio

The hectic atmosphere of most fashion events mandates accuracy of installation and operation. Stagepass Audio Visual Limited guarantees to get it right, with:
    • Speaker systems: Our stock features monitors, stacks and truss-mounted equipment.
    • DJ systems: We provide turntables, mixers, mics…everything you need.
    • Band and/or entertainment support: Designed and delivered to your specific requirements.
All ....

Concert Audio

A breadth of expertise is necessary to span the unique logistics of different venues in Kenya or any other region within Africa. And when it comes to concerts, sound is top priority. We have the equipment and technicians to ensure the highest quality sound at concerts both indoors and outdoors.

Nonprofit Events

Most nonprofits have to work within strict budgetary limitations, so we specialize in engineering our packages to meet that requirement.
Nonetheless, our full-service packages can still include personnel, trucking and coordination. The same neat, clean and organized technicians will respect your overall look, ensuring Stagepass Audio Visual Limited complements your event with both the equipment and the personnel that are ....

Sporting Events

Sporting events and rallies are quite clearly loud by nature, so it’s our duty to provide top-of-the-line audio equipment to rise above the roars of cheering fans.
These events are also often presented in very alternative venues, a challenge which requires equally creative solutions that some audio production companies simply can’t handle. But at Stagepass Audio Visual Limited, we know ....

Private Events and Social Events

Whether you’ve hired an event planner for your private event or are handling all of the logistics on your own, we completely understand the importance of every detail. Above all, a cohesive, organized look is our primary concern.
Audio equipment may require bundles of wires and large equipment, but come the day of your event, you’ll be wondering how everything operates ....

School Events

Stagepass Audio Visual Limited is happy to work with high schools and private schools, colleges and universities. Quality sound is important when you’ve got eager and attentive minds in your audience.
All our speaker systems, audio consoles, microphones and intercoms are readily available for rent whenever the need arises.

Audio Equipment Rentals

If you’ve got all the labor aspects of your production covered, but you’re still looking for the right audio equipment to deliver crystal clear sound, then you’ve come to the right place.
While we love to offer our clients the full-service package, our speaker systems, audio consoles, monitors and full communications packages are also all available for rent without additional ....

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