Event lighting is a critical part of any show or performance, and StagePass Audio Visual’s team is extremely skilled at lighting even the most intricate productions. Special event coordinators, marketing managers, and producers rely on the experts at StagePass Audio Visual, the behind-the-scenes boys and girls who bring it all together. We’ll illuminate your event, beautifully.

Full-Service Lighting Packages

At Stagepass Audio Visual Limited, we’ve been refining our business to make sure you get the very best. We’ve listened to every single one of our clients, from the producers of arena shows to families hosting Bar. One sentiment emerges: our customers appreciate a “one-stop shop.”
With that in mind, all of our lighting services are available as part of ....

Concert Lighting

It takes a skilled team of professionals to successfully execute a live show. With each performance, there are challenges of perfecting every element with a limited setup time. We understand (and even embrace) these challenges, and work with artists, lighting designers and management teams every day to relieve their worries and ensure they aren’t left in the dark.
Our concert ....

Corporate Event Lighting

When choosing Stagepass Audio Visual Limited to light your corporate event, rest assured that we understand its importance and the setup it requires.
We understand how crucial the overall look is to any occasion or show, and reflect that in both equipment and personnel. The infrastructure required to create a fabulous looking event is not always fabulous looking itself. Technology is ....

Fashion Lighting

Great designs mandate great showcase presentations, and lighting affects everything the audience perceives. The seasoned specialists at Stagepass Audio Visual Limited have been answering to high expectations for more than three decades and will bring that experience to your event.
We can enhance every fashion statement you intend to make with lighting systems that will “wow” the audience. We handle both ....

Theater & Dance Lighting

Stagepass Audio Visual Limited’s inventory features full lines of both conventional lighting and automated systems. Our solutions for both touring and venue-based productions run the gamut, from one-man shows to effects-heavy live music and dance events. We can also cover installation of all needed lighting systems if pre-existing provisions don’t meet your expectations.

Trade Show Lighting

Stagepass Audio Visual Limited’s vast experience has made us intimately familiar with convention center logistics. The day of a trade show can be a hectic time and it’s probable that the last thing on your mind is the quality of the lighting in your booth, or the power distribution needed to make it all happen.
We can manage everything from ....


We also specialize in the unique demands of outdoor shows. Our company knows how to best prepare for the elements, while our innate flexibility and adaptability allow us to design creative solutions for the most difficult terrain. So you can put your fears to rest – we can and will adapt to your immediate needs and challenges in real ....

Nonprofit Events

For the nonprofit industry, Stagepass Audio Visual Limited is skilled in delivering value-conscious engineering solutions for those working within limited budgets, but this doesn’t mean you’ll have to do without the best.
We understand the particular needs of nonprofit events and are dedicated to ensuring a neat, clean and organized look to both the equipment and personnel that will best ....

Sporting Events

Stagepass Audio Visual Limited has extensive experience in lighting halftime shows, rallies and promotional events.
While we all know that halftime events normally take place on-field, these other events are often hosted in outdoor venues or in difficult to access areas, mandating the creative solutions we are able to provide. Halftime shows, particularly, require the fast turnarounds that can only ....

Private & Social Events

If you’re organizing a once-in-a-lifetime event, you’ll want it to be a day you’ll always remember. Every detail has to be perfect, from the displays to the DJ, to the perfect lighting to illuminate every moment.
Whatever lighting service suits your special day, you’ll need a professional, dynamic team that will not only operate your chosen lighting systems flawlessly, but ....


Special logistics and specialized crew support are a necessity when compiling a lighting package for touring productions. We bring our expertise to musical, theatrical and marketing tours, including traveling product launches.

School Events

One further arena of expertise for Stagepass Audio Visual Limited is the design and control of lighting for college, university, high school and private school events. For ongoing happenings, organizers often rely on our lighting equipment rentals to minimize cost and inconvenience while maximizing satisfaction with the particular lighting product they require.

Lighting Equipment Rentals

We maintain a large inventory of lighting equipment in our warehouse. Conventional and automated lighting, LED and special effects – you just might be overwhelmed by all the choices!
When you’re searching for a simple solution of renting lighting equipment (without the bells and whistles of our full-service package), we’re here to help. And if you don’t find what you’re ....

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