These days, everyone thinks they are a technology pro. Every day it becomes easier for the average person to purchase technical equipment they think is good enough to get the job done. At StagePass Audio visual’s video division, Stagepass Video Services, we’re not okay with just good enough. From experience, we’ve seen that nothing looks worse than an ill-advised attempt at providing a service that, in reality, required a professional. Amateurism won’t win you many fans, and it certainly won’t impress prospective customers.

Full-Service Video Packages

Our video solutions are offered as a stand-alone option, of course, but they can also form part of a bigger package. We are the industry experts in audio production, lighting installation, even staging and access control.
Working with a professional video production company from the start solves a myriad of issues before they ever become problems. With a full-service package, ....

Live Event Video

Live events can be unpredictable, challenging and ultimately one of the most rewarding resources any company embraces.  The first time is the only time, so we have just one chance to get it right. That’s all we ever need.
We understand that an ability to move in fast, yet stay accurate, is largely reliant on preparation. This is what Stagepass ....

Corporate Event Video

Successful corporate events and conferences require a great deal of prowess and proficiency. We assure that attendees leave impressed and bragging about your event. With so many resources at your fingertips – LED Walls, projectors, IMAG camera packages, monitors and multiple playback options (including Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote) – it’s easy to make your corporate event the one ....


Fashion is very often about specific design features and fashion shows with large audiences must display those intricate elements on enormously magnified scales. Delivering visual reinforcement to large audiences, with no loss of detail, requires deftness and delicacy of touch.
At Stagepass Audio Visual Limited, we strike the necessary balance using traditional projection, plasma equipment and LED walls. We’re also ....

Trade Shows

At Stagepass Audio Visual Limited, we understand the peculiar logistics of convention center use, where the trappings of one show can be transiting out of the arena even as the next installation begins. You can rely on us to ensure rapid, accurate and responsive solutions to issues before (or as) they arise.
For trade shows, we provide everything from LED ....

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