Full-Service Video Packages

Our video solutions are offered as a stand-alone option, of course, but they can also form part of a bigger package. We are the industry experts in audio production, lighting installation, even staging and access control.
Working with a professional video production company from the start solves a myriad of issues before they ever become problems. With a full-service package, you have access to:
    • The latest in technology
    • Highly proficient video directors and engineers
    • Skilled and experienced technicians including camera operators, tape operators and shaders
    • General crew
    • A fully integrated package, working with our lighting, audio and staging departments
Appointing a Stagepass Audio Visual Limited project coordinator allows us to keep an eye on the overall aesthetic of your event or show, an essential element in achieving your goals. Without a big-picture resource, most clients are lost when choosing which video medium would best suit their ambitions. We can advise you on every aspect of audio/visual rendering, and thus assure your objectives will be accomplished.

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